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Benefits of Growing Organic Cucumber


Benefits of Growing Organic Cucumber

How to grow Organic Cucumber in a Polyhouse? Cucumber benefits , Cucumber nutritionCucumber caloriesCucumber meaning in Hindi “Kheera – खीरा” everything is in this article.  Watch Organic Cucumber Video  You can make out from the leaves how well they are growing. We have tied a rope to the plant on one end the other end is tied to a stone for height adjustment. It is easier for us to regulate the required height of the plant.

Last year when we went to seek the guidance of a local Government horticulture scientist Dr. Sharma, on how to start an organic Polyhouse he informed that it is impossible to grow anything organically inside a Polyhouse, one has to use chemical pesticides to grow or drop the idea of farming in a Polyhouse. Now that the cucumber and other vegetables are growing we hope to advise him in return not to mislead people against organic farming.

Cucumber Nutrition Value

cucumber nutrition

Organic farming is the best way to grow anything naturally, after all, it is going inside the stomach, why knowingly ingest harmful chemicals?

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