Garam Masala Ingredients Fight With Coronavirus?

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Garam Masala Ingredients Fight With Coronavirus?




What is Garam Masala and what are its ingredients? 

garam masala powder

Garam Masala in English is the ‘hot blend of spices’ is a mix of spicy flavors added in Western and North Indian cuisines, this is used in almost all food preparations in the western states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, central states of Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh in the north, and West Bengal in the east. Garam Masala is a staple requirement in the above *states of India. 

Typical Garam Masala ingredients

  • Fennel – Saunfin Hindilanguage
  • Peppercorns – Kaliya Safed Mirch 
  • Coriander – Dhaniya
  • Cumin – Jeera
  • Cassia Bark / Cinnamon – Dal Cheeni
  • Cloves – Laung
  • Cardamom – Elaichi
  • Mace Nutmeg – Javitri

The above are just the basic ingredients, a few more are added depending on the Garam Masala manufacturer.

What relation has the Garam Masala has with Covid-19 (Coronavirus)?

One only needs to take note of the Covid-19 infected states in India, segregate them into two groups where the infection has been here it has been low, then one can easily conclude that the conditions where Garam Masala is consumed on a daily habitual basis are where the infections are alarmingly higher. The following table cannot be stark enough to differentiate between the two groups of the top 8 states in India.  

 In non-Garam Masala states of India, people use spices in food, but they are not in a combination of ingredients like the heavy and hot spicy mix of Garam Masala 


The below-named states in India which are affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

#India’s total infections are 63,420, and deaths are 2,109.

8 *Garam Masala States 77.35% 8 Non- Garam MasalaStates 19.10%
State Names Infected Deaths State Names Infected Deaths
Maharashtra   20,228 779 A.Pradesh   1,980 45
Gujarat   7,797 472 Tamilnadu 6,535 44
M.Pradesh   3,457 211 Karnataka    847 31
West Bengal   1,786 171 Telangana 1,163 30
Rajasthan   3,741 107 Bihar 629 5
U. Pradesh   3,373   74 Kerala 506  4
Delhi   6,923   73 Orissa 352 3
Punjab   1,762   31 Himachal    52  3
Total 49,067 1,918 Total 12,064 165

#Data source: as of 10/May/2020.

pie data


When counting as of the last census in 2011, these two groups of 8 major states have 111.7 Crores (1,117million), the Garam Masala states 652 million, and Non- Garam Masala states 465million. The difference in the population of these two groups is 187 million, but even if they are taken into account, the percentage of infections would still be quite evident, the data alone will be more than good enough to keep the scientists and analysts to keep their eyebrows raised. It is time not to look the other way and roll down your lower lips on this incriminating data, it is time to study and understand the effects of Garam Masala.

Usual foods with Garam Masala ingredients

 Invariably, any oily fried food has Garam Masala in it, especially from the above red-colored states. Has the simple Garam Masala turned rogue in the fight against coronavirus?  

Taking the above statistics into consideration, one should start researching this aspect as to why only these consuming states have had the maximum number of infections, and not the other states. 

Not be confused with the healthy heat remedies of Ayurveda,

The ancient medicinal system has had a huge influence over Asians for several millenniums now, which is very successful in treating viruses, cases of flu, and several disorders. Ayurveda also suggests healthy heat in the body to combat viruses with regular intake of Turmeric, Ginger, Clove, and Garlic, to name a few, but that is in not to suggest taking Garam Masala is healthy in foods. Following Ayurvedic remedies have proven to be quite helpful. People who add Garam Masala regularly have heavy, ugly, bloated stomachs after crossing their middle age.


The correlation between Garam Masala states vs. Non-Garam Masala states data should not be ignored. One needs to look into the above facts and research if there is any possibility to find a solution for the ever intrusive Covid-19 virus from spreading further. Ayurveda, Homeopathy, or unreliable modern science has to find a way out of this.  

The foul-smelling heated belch, which usually follows after consuming food laced with Garam Masalaseems to attract the deadly virus inside the body, only the Doctors, Vaidyas, and Hakeem’s can answer this.