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Dehradun | Himalayas


Holu is a labrador puppy living in the Himalayas, near Dehradun. He was born on September 2019 to his parents Polo and Maggie. His father Polo is a stud and a winner of dog shows in different countries. Holu almost died when he encountered the very dangerous parvovirus when he was just over six months old, then he slipped further into danger with canine distemper. Holu’s tryst with these deadly viruses is an eye-opener to many pets and their parents on how bad and limited is veterinary medical science. Instead of a cure, veterinarian science says the patient has to sustain which is really stupid. Fellow pups who were being treated with Holu in the same facility died one by one, their masters did not want to change treatments or line of medicine even when they did not find possible solutions. It was like doing the same thing and expecting the opposite result, I found the method to be a time-wasting exercise, and with each death of a pup (co-patient), I felt I was risking Holu’s life by extending the treatment. Only the veterinary doctor was earning in our agony. 

Fortunately, we changed the stream to save our beloved pet. Thanks to Holu’s great ability to be calm even on pain and his loving pet parent’s perseverance he came out of danger. Now he is back to his mischief as any puppy of his age. He is living a second life now with all the fun. He is ever so grateful, it is a joy to see him play all around. Holu can count up to ten digits, he is very sharp. He has fan following now. 🙂 


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