January - Snow in Mussoorrie

January Snow in Mussoorie – Observing the snowfall yesterday evening was truly an enchanting experience, and witnessing it firsthand made it even more remarkable. As inhabitants of the lower hills or individuals from the plains, we tend to become ecstatic at the mere mention of snow. However, for people living in hilly regions, snowfall can be disheartening. They eagerly await the arrival of the sun, which brightens their lives each day, enabling them to engage in their daily activities, carry out their farming tasks, and avoid being weighed down by heavy quilts or blankets during the winters. Although they do benefit financially from the sudden influx of tourists during snowfall, their true happiness lies in its absence.

Last evening, the roads were filled with countless cars, many of which were struggling to maintain proper traction. Some were unable to park their vehicles appropriately, resulting in cars scattered along the roadside. Numerous individuals spent the night inside their cars, while others, along with their families and children, walked for several kilometers in heavy snowfall, clutching their baggage. Late into the night, they searched for homestays, resorts, and hotels to find shelter. Taxi drivers capitalized on the situation, charging a steep ₹500 for a mere 1-kilometer journey, driving private cars to safety. Life came to a standstill, and the situation was particularly dire about 30-40 kilometers above Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand. Traffic came to a complete halt, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the return of the sun. The sunlight holds the promise of resolving all these issues, rejuvenating the flow of life for both the locals and the tourists. In the snowy hilly regions, the sun emerges as the most significant positive force in the entire cosmos.

This morning, I gaze upon the scattered snow on the hills right in front of my farmhouse. The spectacle is made possible by the sunlight, which had been absent due to several cloudy days preceding this moment.