January - Snow in Mussoorrie

January Snow in Mussoorie – It was a good experience to watch the snowfall last evening and to experience it live was even greater. Like we who live in the lower hills or the people from the plains who get overjoyed when we talk of snow is not the same as the hilly folk who feel dejected by snowfall, they wait for the Sun to come and illuminate their lives daily so that they can live their daily active lives, do their farming, not cover themselves with heavy quilt/blankets in the winters. Though they make money from the sudden tourist flow when there is a snowfall, they are happier when there is no snowfall.

Last evening I witnessed so many cars scattered on the roads, they slipped so badly that they couldn’t be parked properly also, many have just parked on the road, slept for the night inside their cars, tourists walking 4-5 km with their baggage in their hands with their families and children till late night hours in heavy snowfall, many have gone to find homestays, resorts, and hotels to spend their night. Taxi drivers making a quick buck while the snow is falling by driving private cars to safety they are charging ₹500 for 1 km. drive. Life is fully paralyzed. Just imagine 30-40 km above Dehradun city (state capital of Uttarakhand) this was the situation. No movement in traffic as possible. Everybody was talking of the Sun when Sunlight comes in a day all the problems will be over. The flow of life will be back again both for the locals and also for the tourists. Sun is the biggest positive of this entire cosmos and it was very prevalent in snowy hilly areas.

This morning I can see scattered snow on the hills right in front of my farmhouse and this was possible to see only because of Sunlight which was missing due to very cloudy skies for the past few days.