Dehradun | Himalayas


Wonderful City Between the Sacred Ganga and Yamuna rivers

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Dehradun city is the state capital of Uttarakhand. Dehradun city is a Himalayan city near Rishikesh Yoga situated between the great Ganga and Yamuna river. These two rivers are most sacred for all Hindus of the world. On one side there is Mussoorie tourism, a beautiful hill station. It is considered to be the most beautiful hill station in the country. On the other side there is Rishikesh. The world capital of Yoga, it is also called Rishikesh Yoga shala where budding Yoga teachers from around the world come to learn and start a school in their respective countries. 



Dehradun is the only city in India that has both the sacred rivers Ganga and the Yamuna
on either side of the town. The rivers have a long history in Hinduism. They
are part of all the epics and are considered very sacred. Dehradun is the
birthplace of the great warrior Ashwathama and his illustrious father,
. He was the guru of both the Kuru
princes, Pandavas, and Kauravas of the immortal epic Mahabharata.


The rock edicts which date back to 250 B.C. in Kalsi village is of the greatest
ruler of the world, emperor Ashoka. The mandates are inscriptions from stone
1-14 about his reign. He never allowed any living bird or animal to be killed
or eaten in his vast rule. No non-vegetarian was allowed, such was his peaceful
and ethical rule.


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