Make India Great Again

Our connection to the land of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK) runs deep. It is a part of our ancestral heritage, a region that belongs to us, etched in the history and heart of India. As we strive to reclaim this land, it’s important to be clear and resolute in our intentions to Make India Great Again. 

Do we Indians wish to integrate the population of POK into our country? We have faced numerous challenges and burdens from those people in the past. Our nation has already absorbed many unwanted ones and illegal occupants and has shown patience and hospitality. However, it is time to assert our needs and prioritize the well-being of our own citizens to Make India Great Again. 

Do we really need the people of POK? We should force our enemy country to hand over the illegally occupied land to us, minus the humans there. This is not a question of hostility but of pragmatism. Our resources are limited, and we cannot continue to stretch them thin by incorporating more individuals who may not share our values or vision for the future.

Our focus should be on the land itself, renovating the Sharda peeth temple, its strategic importance, and its rightful place within the Indian territory. The people currently residing there have their own allegiances and have been influenced by years of conflict and mean propaganda. We also cannot verify who is real and who is an infiltrator, so better we be safe than sorry. Integrating them into India would not only be a logistical challenge but also a potential risk to our national security and social harmony to Make India great again.

We must be unyielding in our demand: the land of POK is ours, but the responsibility of its current human population should not be of our national interest. I think we are better off without the Muslim population coming from there to here. This is a necessary step to ensure the safety, prosperity, and cultural integrity of our nation. Our enemy country’s policy of mindless population increase does not fit with our civilized approach and the upcoming UCC. Let us reclaim what is rightfully ours without compromising the security and well-being of our beloved India.