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Dehradun the Best City

Dehradun is known for its hospitable atmosphere, the most aromatic natural Basmati rice, and institutions of national importance having their head offices here, namely, IMA, LBS Academy, ONGC, Survey of India, etc. .

People who have been to Dehradun before do not seem to forget the city for decades, they come back when they are old and try to buy a piece of land and settle with their families here. These has been going on for generations, but with new educational institutions coming up in the outskirts of the city limits, even young families are moving here, thanks to Hill Plots. Dehradun has become a hub of education in India, and is the number one city and capital where there is progress, peace, and also tranquility.

Dehradun Basmati which was way beyond the grasps of the middle class families due to their low cultivation, and high prices are now being made available by Double Good an e-commerce company which sells both the traditional aromatic Dehradun Basmati and also the premium unpolished Indra Dev Basmati. The aroma or fragrance is so naturally high it leaves behind the Punjab basmati way behind.

The city has always attracted the minded, and the intellectuals from world over, it has lived up to its reputation, but with times changing and landscapes giving way to high rise apartments, and infrastructure developments the serenity is getting lost in the main city. The litchi orchards which were the main attraction before have all given way. Hill Plots are promoting and selling their lands only in the outskirts, in the Vikasnagae belt, they are setting the trend for future land developers. Hill Plots have been the most reliable and trustworthy land dealers in Dehradun.

Now with the ongoing char dham yatra taking place, Naro Eco resort which usually is a destination wedding resort, and also a paradise for romantic stays is catering to the pilgrims bound for Yamunotri and Gangotri dhams. Naro Eco Resort and Spa is located on the national highway.  

High quality content has always been the forte of 11Creations which is known as the best content writing company in Dehradun.

real estate near dehradun

Real Estate near Dehradun

Real estate near Dehradun has always been in demand ever since the city has become the state capital. Dehradun is a unique Himalayan city in India, it has everything except the sea, it is the most complete, vibrant, yet peaceful and natural city. The best hill station in India on the upper side, Mussoorie. There are religious pilgrimage cities of Rishikesh, and Haridwar on the other. Then there is Vikasnagar the ancient town where emperor Ashoka inscribed rocks are there, which is also the gateway to Jaunsar-Bawar regions which were the native of the Kuru dynasty (Kauravas and Pandavas of Mahabharata). The twin most sacred rivers of Ganga, and Yamuna flow on either side of Dehradun, both are of equal distance shows how lucky the city inhabitants are. Hill Plots are providing the best real estate service in the Vikasnagar belt of Dehradun. It is worth engaging their services to get the best of best land deals near Dehradun.

The real estate

How to Buy the Best Rice

How to Buy the Best Rice

Rice has been the undisputed staple diet for humans since time immemorial, and India is the hub of Rice. There are millions of households in India who are searching for proper rice to fit their taste buds, they keep trying different brands, grades of rice and even change categories of rice like Basmati, non-Basmati, red, brown, fortified, and even black in rare cases. They get disappointed more often than not, all they want is pure rice with palatable taste, but this basic need seems to be a far cry in this great country which thrives and exports agricultural products. How to buy the best rice is something we can advise.

How the Food is Produced

Double Good Organics Pvt. Ltd. based in Dehradun, Himalayas has always been addressing these issues since 2014. The company management seems to be sincere in bringing the very best Himalayan products out in the market Himalayas are the hub of purely organic products in the world, the atmosphere, the natural rivers, abundance of forest cover give the grazing bovines their food, which produces the purest of manure unlike in the plainlands of India where the poor bovine is fed with unnatural pesticide-ridden feed. Organic produce from the plains and from the Himalayas have a world of difference, hence the price is a little more too due to challenging atmospheres, and also low produce due to the slopes almost everywhere. The process is all manual in comparison to the plain states of India where the supply chain is a lot more organized. 

The Himalayas the Hub of Organic Produce 

There are few kinds of Rice from Uttarakhand which is extremely great to taste namely, the Dehradun Basmati rice, Indra Dev Basmati (The purest form of highly aromatic Basmati rice in the world), Himalayan BasmatiRed rice, and semi red rice. All are superb to taste and also are naturally produced, minus the pesticides. Double Good Dehradun Basmati is one of a kind, their Basmati is unpolished unlike other producers from the same Dehradun region, this gives the rice an edge over other established brands. The color of the grain is a bit yellowish as it is not polished at all, the nutrients are intact, and the aroma is fully rich, the fragrance fills the room and also is strong enough to draw your neighbors home by their noses. Basmati in the Hindi language is aromatic rice, but Basmati without aroma is like a bird without wings. 

Double Good Values 

Double Good has always stood up to the cause of organic produce as the owner himself is a vegan and wants to cause the least carbon footprint to the world. He himself travels all over the Himalayas and motivates farmers to concentrate on Organic produce instead of deviating to unnatural forms of farming. 

events paradise in dehradun

Events Paradise in Dehradun

Naro Eco Resort and Spa is an ideal place for destination weddings to take place in and around Dehradun. The location is such that any destination wedding place will look inferior, add to that Naro Eco Resort is also budget-friendly, not heavy on the wallet. The resort is built in a place from where you can have a naked view of the lower Himalayan mountain range Chakrata hill station, Badhraj temple on one side green, untouched reserved forest on the other, Yamunotri national highway, and a tributary of the Yamuna river flows below the resort. The resort is well maintained and is strictly following covid protocols issued by the state govt. Naro Eco is the best events paradise in Dehradun

The independent cottages and Naro restaurant are all built with bamboo to get the most natural feel in an eco-resort. The Naro restaurant serves north Indian, continental, and Chinese dishes. The experienced chefs who worked in 7-star hotels in the middle east are working here to meet the ever-increasing demands of the functions, marriages, and events conducted at Naro eco. The resort doubles as the best wedding location. Naro Eco Resort and Spa is the best destination wedding location in Dehradun.

The resort also has a professional team of event managers and wedding planners who are always willing to suggest you if you need any help in conducting your big days there. The team has international experience working in the Middle East before in the hospitality industry. If you are looking for a budget location for hosting marriages, events, and parties then there is no better location than Naro Eco Resort and Spa at Chiliyon village, near Parashurama temple, near Vikasnagar, Dehradun.

You can visit their website, call them directly, or WhatsApp them to get a quote basing on your requirements. The best events paradise in Dehradun is located around 40 km from the city limits.

rahul dravid unjust act

Rahul Dravid Unjust Act

The main Indian cricket team is in England, getting ready for a grueling test series against the hosts. India sent a second-string team for the lower-ranked Sri Lanka white ball series due to the Covid restrictions of 14-day quarantine in every nation, and if India played the main team in Sri Lanka it would have jeopardized the series against England which was way more important and was given prominence. The media already has dubbed the Indian team in Sri Lanka as a ‘B’ grade team as it has many fringe players. Despite all the labeling, India won the first 2 ODI matches of a 3 match series with Sri Lanka, so the last match was used as a launchpad for 5 debutants (which is a record to give ODI caps to so many players at the same time), the logic behind this idea was to test players who were getting selected but were not included in the playing eleven, in other words, the ‘B’ grade team which arrived in Sri Lanka became a ‘C’ grade one on the final match of the series.

Rahul Dravid the acting coach gets laurels for a very successful stint as a batsman, wicket-keeper in testing circumstances, and also for being the right guru in shaping the careers of many youngsters over the years as the head of NCA. India were 147/3 after 23 overs out of 47 overs when rain halted play, as an opposing coach Rahul Dravid went to the ground and started giving tips to the Sri Lankan captain Dasun Shanaka as if he had come for ground and pitch inspection for his team. As a coach of India, he is supposed to limit his tips to the team to which he is a part and for which he is being paid, but Rahul trying to portray himself as a father figure of all young cricketers started giving free advice to the Sri Lankan captain. The result of this arrogance was there for everybody to see, immediately after the play started after rains Indian wickets started falling off in clumps, India struggled immediately thereafter and got bundled out for a paltry 225 runs, which became too easy for the Sri Lankan team to win after some struggle in the last overs.

Even this ‘C’ grade team was scoring well until the coach turned up for the opposite side. Sri Lanka is gathering points for their world cup qualifying in their last few matches, so maybe the coach felt it is time to help the opposition, but a ruthless team will be the one who thinks for themselves and not for the opposition, it is avoidable in a spotless career to get blames in this stage of his career. If you portray yourself to be too good, you look foolish later. The team should question the coach for the mindless act, this undermined their confidence, and also their chances to be selected for their country. The coach has let them down, and also the viewers and spectators of his country. If at all he wanted to help the Sri Lankan cricket captain, he could have given his tips after the match, not when the match is in progress. The BCCI boss Mr. Saurav Ganguly should instruct his former player and colleague to be within limits, not to be a father figure to all and sundry.

Vegans Lead the Path

I have noticed many Indians who are vegetarian have a problem with PETA, they do a lot for animals worldwide, they promote veganism, which is again a problem, they do not want to acknowledge that veganism is even greener and healthier than vegetarianism, for these people anything foreign is bad.

Evils of Diary Business

Milk business is the biggest sin, torture to the cow/buffalo, where the animal is injected with a syringe to conceive, which is worse than any torture in the world for any living being, every female wants a male partner, but here the injection is substituting the mating of a bull. The cow/buffalo is then conceived if the newborn is a female calf that is forced to follow the cursed life of her mother, who is tied with a 1-meter rope throughout her life. If the calf is male either he is killed at a young age by these wretched milk vendors or is made to loiter on the road eat garbage from the roadsides, and trash bins to die after severe torture from us humans. Nowadays, the ruling heartless politicians have made a new system where the injection would only let female calf be born, no male calf will be born, such is the rotten intention with which it was made. Gau Mata is only on lips for election season alone. If PETA opens up these issues, these people will feel as if it is our sanskar why is a foreigner asking us to stop, so they will oppose PETA.

Unethical Diary Business

I say respect any organization which helps the animals and let the govt. open eyes and work for these lovable living beings, stop the injections, destroy them, they have every right to choose their partners as we do. Milk business should be abolished or made to work with strict rules, every cow should be left to graze, first, the calf (male or female) should be given their full quota of their mother’s milk, only the rest should we take if there is any, the happiness index should be measured every week of the cow and the calves if she is happy only her milk should be consumed by humans. No animal should be kept in confinement, if the vendor has no space for cows, and buffaloes his license should be canceled. Loud mouthing about Gau Mata on elections should be followed with strict steps to curb this evil milk business, even if it is Amul, they too should be brought to follow the strict rules, not keep making animals look like milk factories. Animals are not factories.


No loans should be given for diary business, it is such a shame to make the sacred animal a factory of milk, her milk is for her offspring, who are we to drink her milk and make her live a wretched life? Yes, vegans are far superior, they cause no harm.

double good

Best Online Grocery Store

Best Online Grocery Store in Dehradun is Double Good which has a range of grocery items, mostly organic and natural ones from the Himalayas. Being a sole organic store in Dehradun of repute it is creating a good impression among the shoppers. Pahadi store in Dehradun has a lot of demand for authentic organic products from the Himalayas. The prices are cheaper than the unscrupulous local suppliers.

events paradise in dehradun

Lockdown Freedom

Why get stuck at your home when there is a lockdown, the government wants us to be in a safe place without contracting the coronavirus, but that can also be in a lot safer place than our homes. Have you ever thought of going on an extended lockdown holiday when the lockdown starts? If yes, one should consider moving out instead of getting bored at home, move out with your family, and spend few weeks in a resort for your mental well-being. There is no point in brooding on the government’s decision to impose a lockdown when it is beyond us, we can take the lockdown as a window to re-discover ourselves, our families, and even work from our laptops in a serene atmosphere. 

Naro Eco Resort and Spa is in a covid-free zone, near Vikasnagar, Dehradun on the way to Yamunotri Dham has started an awesome scheme for the people/families stuck in lockdowns. Many want to get out of their homes and enjoy their lockdown period in a safe resort instead of getting suffocated in their homes for the entire period of a lockdown. Nobody wants a repeat of lockdown in last year when there was no movement and only frustration of being inside homes forcibly. This time lockdowns are a bit liberal, one can drive out if one is traveling before the daily allowed time. The scheme (freedom offer) offers bored families an opportunity to convert boring life at home to a holiday in the Himalayas. 

Naro Eco Resort and Spa offers a picturesque view, on one side there is a tributary to the Yamuna river with the great Himalayan backdrop, on the other side there is a reserved forest with the highway. They have slashed their room rents to accommodate guests for a longer duration this lockdown period. Slashing room rents does not mean slashing quality service, they are maintaining their standards befitting the online reviews they gained before the lockdown started. 

Naro Eco Resort and Spa is the ideal spot for spending some quality time with families, vast space, the distance between cottages, an open-air restaurant, and a large banquet hall cum restaurant, and well-maintained bamboo cottages to name a few. Their lockdown freedom offer starts at a meager ₹3,999 (US$59), three (3) days stay for a couple. If you want to take this opportunity, you should visit their website and book a (3 to 15 days) package online suiting your needs.