Real estate near Dehradun has always been in demand ever since the city has become the state capital. Dehradun is a unique Himalayan city in India, it has everything except the sea, it is the most complete, vibrant, yet peaceful and natural city. The best hill station in India on the upper side, Mussoorie. There are religious pilgrimage cities of Rishikesh, and Haridwar on the other. Then there is Vikasnagar the ancient town where emperor Ashoka inscribed rocks are there, which is also the gateway to Jaunsar-Bawar regions which were the native of the Kuru dynasty (Kauravas and Pandavas of Mahabharata). The twin most sacred rivers of Ganga, and Yamuna flow on either side of Dehradun, both are of equal distance shows how lucky the city inhabitants are. Hill Plots are providing the best real estate service in the Vikasnagar belt of Dehradun. It is worth engaging their services to get the best of best land deals near Dehradun.

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