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events paradise in dehradun

Events Paradise in Dehradun

Events Paradise in Dehradun: Naro Eco Resort – The Perfect Destination Wedding Venue

Naro Eco Resort stands as an ideal destination for weddings in and around Dehradun. Its breathtaking location surpasses that of any other wedding venue, offering a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality. Situated amidst the lower Himalayan mountain range, the resort provides a stunning panoramic view of Chakrata hill station, the pristine Badhraj temple, untouched reserved forests, the Yamunotri national highway, and a tributary of the Yamuna river flowing below. The resort is meticulously maintained and strictly adheres to the COVID protocols issued by the state government, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Events paradise in Dehradun, is motel, resort, and nest for long stay in the prestine Himalayan region. The resort was designed by me to suit the natural setup. 

The independent cottages and Naro restaurant within the resort are constructed using bamboo, providing a natural and eco-friendly ambiance. The Naro restaurant serves a delectable range of North Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisine. The experienced chefs, who have previously worked in renowned 7-star hotels in the Middle East, are dedicated to meeting the increasing demands of functions, weddings, and events hosted at Naro Eco Resort. The resort is truly a paradise for events and is unrivaled as a wedding location in Dehradun.

With a professional team of event managers and wedding planners, Naro Eco Resort offers valuable assistance to ensure your big day is flawlessly executed. The team brings international experience from their previous work in the Middle East hospitality industry. If you are seeking a budget-friendly venue for hosting weddings, events, and parties, Naro Eco Resort and Spa near Chiliyon village, close to Parashurama temple, near Vikasnagar in Dehradun, is the ultimate choice.

To receive a personalized quote based on your requirements, you can visit their website, contact them directly, or reach out via WhatsApp. The best events paradise in Dehradun is conveniently located approximately 40 kilometers from the city limits.

events paradise in dehradun

Lockdown Freedom

Why get stuck at your home when there is a lockdown, the government wants us to be in a safe place without contracting the coronavirus, but that can also be in a lot safer place than our homes. Have you ever thought of going on an extended lockdown holiday when the lockdown starts? If yes, one should consider moving out instead of getting bored at home, move out with your family, and spend few weeks in a resort for your mental well-being. There is no point in brooding on the government’s decision to impose a lockdown when it is beyond us, we can take the lockdown as a window to re-discover ourselves, our families, and even work from our laptops in a serene atmosphere. 

Naro Eco Resort and Spa is in a covid-free zone, near Vikasnagar, Dehradun on the way to Yamunotri Dham has started an awesome scheme for the people/families stuck in lockdowns. Many want to get out of their homes and enjoy their lockdown period in a safe resort instead of getting suffocated in their homes for the entire period of a lockdown. Nobody wants a repeat of lockdown in last year when there was no movement and only frustration of being inside homes forcibly. This time lockdowns are a bit liberal, one can drive out if one is traveling before the daily allowed time. The scheme (freedom offer) offers bored families an opportunity to convert boring life at home to a holiday in the Himalayas. 

Naro Eco Resort and Spa offers a picturesque view, on one side there is a tributary to the Yamuna river with the great Himalayan backdrop, on the other side there is a reserved forest with the highway. They have slashed their room rents to accommodate guests for a longer duration this lockdown period. Slashing room rents does not mean slashing quality service, they are maintaining their standards befitting the online reviews they gained before the lockdown started. 

Naro Eco Resort and Spa is the ideal spot for spending some quality time with families, vast space, the distance between cottages, an open-air restaurant, and a large banquet hall cum restaurant, and well-maintained bamboo cottages to name a few. Their lockdown freedom offer starts at a meager ₹3,999 (US$59), three (3) days stay for a couple. If you want to take this opportunity, you should visit their website and book a (3 to 15 days) package online suiting your needs.