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I am a . ,and You?

I am Bhaskar (Bha Qi), an entrepreneur, a dedicated advocate of vegetarianism,
liberalism and a passionate supporter of the environment, animals, and individuals who coexist harmoniously with nature. With a web content development firm and an organic agro export company based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, I actively pursue my ambitions. In addition to my previous endeavors, I am also the innovator behind a groundbreaking formula known as the “Money Shower” for stocks.

I have had the privilege of embarking on two sacred pilgrimages to the temples of char dham, as well as venturing into the untamed wilderness of Uttarakhand through exhilarating trips. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to explore various countries in Asia and traverse through 20 out of India’s 29 states. Through this blog, my aim is to provide an authentic depiction of life in the Himalayas, devoid of any embellishments and exaggerations.

My Interests are as under.

  • Promoting Vegetarianism and Veganism
  • Feeding/Saving Animals
  • Helping the Needy
  • Promoting organic cultivation 

Interesting Things I like doing other than money making. 

  • Driving
  • Traveling
  • Exploring
  • Making new friends 
  • Experimenting
  • YOLO 
  • Gaining Knowledge 
  • Love Beaches & Himalayas 

My Mind is full of Ideas 

  • I find solutions from problems.
  • I give advice to businesses for growth (Given to 4 so far, and all are running highly successfully).

My Hobbies 

  • Having Fun
  • Hiking / Trekking 
  • Driving 
  • Traveling
  • Cricket
  • Chess
  • YouTube

Social Service: I am deeply committed to aiding abandoned bulls, who are unjustly subjected to mistreatment due to their male gender. With the advent of tractors replacing bulls in land tilling activities, these majestic creatures face punishment simply for being born as males. While cows in India receive respect for providing milk and are even worshiped, the same cannot be said for bulls who endure neglect and cruelty. These gentle giants are in dire need of love and respect. A portion of my income profits is dedicated to supporting abandoned animals shelter.

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