I have noticed many Indians who are vegetarian have a problem with PETA, they do a lot for animals worldwide, they promote veganism, which is again a problem, they do not want to acknowledge that veganism is even greener and healthier than vegetarianism, for these people anything foreign is bad.

Evils of Diary Business

Milk business is the biggest sin, torture to the cow/buffalo, where the animal is injected with a syringe to conceive, which is worse than any torture in the world for any living being, every female wants a male partner, but here the injection is substituting the mating of a bull. The cow/buffalo is then conceived if the newborn is a female calf that is forced to follow the cursed life of her mother, who is tied with a 1-meter rope throughout her life. If the calf is male either he is killed at a young age by these wretched milk vendors or is made to loiter on the road eat garbage from the roadsides, and trash bins to die after severe torture from us humans. Nowadays, the ruling heartless politicians have made a new system where the injection would only let female calf be born, no male calf will be born, such is the rotten intention with which it was made. Gau Mata is only on lips for election season alone. If PETA opens up these issues, these people will feel as if it is our sanskar why is a foreigner asking us to stop, so they will oppose PETA.

Unethical Diary Business

I say respect any organization which helps the animals and let the govt. open eyes and work for these lovable living beings, stop the injections, destroy them, they have every right to choose their partners as we do. Milk business should be abolished or made to work with strict rules, every cow should be left to graze, first, the calf (male or female) should be given their full quota of their mother’s milk, only the rest should we take if there is any, the happiness index should be measured every week of the cow and the calves if she is happy only her milk should be consumed by humans. No animal should be kept in confinement, if the vendor has no space for cows, and buffaloes his license should be canceled. Loud mouthing about Gau Mata on elections should be followed with strict steps to curb this evil milk business, even if it is Amul, they too should be brought to follow the strict rules, not keep making animals look like milk factories. Animals are not factories.


No loans should be given for diary business, it is such a shame to make the sacred animal a factory of milk, her milk is for her offspring, who are we to drink her milk and make her live a wretched life? Yes, vegans are far superior, they cause no harm.