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How to Make Calls on Laptop

Have you ever felt the need of connecting your mobile phone to your laptop for dialing and answering calls as I do?
Microsoft has launched a new ‘your phone’ app update to the Windows 10 OS. This app works like a charm when you connect your android phone, it can access your calls, photos, messages, and notifications all in one place. This can boost your productivity, it is more like a car phone app but is a bit more complicated to set up, I will show you how to set this up in this video.
This article is on setting up with your Android phone, for the Apple iPhone I will post a new video separately.

  1. Open your laptop, go to the start menu. 
  1. Now go to settings.
  1. Search for the ‘link your phone’ or type in the search bar below to find it.
  1. Add a phone. 
  1. ‘Your Phone’ app will be launched.
  1. You will be asked to enter your Microsoft/Outlook login credentials. 
  1. Now, go to the android play store, and search ‘Your Phone Companion’ download and install it on your mobile.
  1. Enter your Microsoft login credentials in the app. 
  1. You will receive an SMS to verify your number, enter it, and you are done. 
  1. You can now enable/disable in the settings of ‘your phone’ app. as you like. I have enabled all. 
  1. Enabling all, one can make use of all the features, calls, messages, notifications, and even the photos that can be accessed. 

If you have any suggestions, post in the comments section below.