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Organic Amaranth Benefits


Organic Amaranth Benefits

Details about Organic Amaranth farming, Amaranth benefits  and its growth in Organic Farming in polyhouse. how they grow in our polyhouse. In the times of Coronavirus or Covid-19 one has to boost the immunity to protect oneself, this is where we need Amaranth more than ever. 

Amaranth vs coronavirus, Amaranth vs Covid-19 is a possibility as one needs to take Organic Amaranth on a daily basis to boost the immune system which can be of great help against viruses.

Contrary to popular belief and information given by the agriculture scientists one can grow anything organically inside a Polyhouse as one can grow in open farmland. 

Organic Amaranth benefits, it has all the nutrients one looks for in a superfood. 

amranth nutrition

  1. Boosts Immunity (Ideal for combating Coronavirus)
  2. Is Amaranth Gluten free? Yes, Amaranth gluten free.
  3. Excellent Source of protein
  4. Fights inflammation 
  5. Improves bone health
  6. Strengthens the heart
  7. Fights diabetes
  8. Fights cancer
  9. Is a great source of lysine
  10. Enhances digestive system
  11. Helps in weight loss
  12. Improves vision
  13. Beneficial for pregnancy 
  14. Improves hair and, skin health 
  15. Combats Anaemia 

Amaranth recipes will be posted here.

*Please consult your Vaidya/Hakeem/Doctor for details on the regular intake of superfoods like Amaranth.