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Ignoring Excellence, Embracing Mediocrity

Ignoring Excellence, Embracing Mediocrity

It is utterly perplexing that the team management, including captain Rohit Sharma, senior batsman Virat Kohli, and coach Rahul Dravid, consistently overlook Ashwin’s brilliance in favor of mediocre pacemen. Ashwin’s records and match-winning performances speak for themselves, making it all the more baffling why he is sidelined time and again for bowlers with fewer accomplishments.

Unmatched Brilliance, Unworthy Treatment

Ashwin’s ability to weave magic with the ball, confounding batsmen with his variations and spin, is a cricketing gem that has gone underappreciated. His numerous Man of the Series awards and record-breaking achievements are unparalleled, yet the team management seems to turn a blind eye to his talent, opting for lackluster pacers instead.

Bias Distorting Selections

The bias against spinners is evident in the team selections, where Ashwin’s name is consistently missing, while far less deserving pacemen with few dozen of wickets are given preferential treatment. This distorted approach in team selections undermines the credibility of Indian cricket and casts a shadow of doubt on the competence of the team management and questions their intentions if they want India to win or play their team.

Pacemen Fever: Blind to Spin Wizardry

The obsession with pace bowlers seems to blind the team management to the wizardry that Ashwin brings to the game, even Axar Patel is forever on the sidelines. While fast bowlers might grab attention with their pace and aggression, it should not come at the expense of ignoring the artistry and intellect that a skilled spinner like Ravichandran Ashwin brings to the field.

The Need for Accountability

It is high time the team management is held accountable for their prejudiced decisions. The constant sidelining of Ashwin and the lack of appreciation for his contributions raise serious questions about the transparency and fairness of the selection process.

Celebrating Excellence, Not Mediocrity

Cricket is a team sport that demands a meritocratic approach, where talent and performance should dictate team selections. The unwarranted preference for ordinary pacemen, while dismissing the brilliance of world no. 1 spinner, is an insult to the sport itself.


The harsh truth is that Indian cricket has been plagued by an unjust bias against spinners, with Ravichandran Ashwin being the most prominent victim of this malpractice followed by Axar Patel’s and Kuldeep Yadav’s. All three spinners grab more than 4 wickets per test match whereas none of the pacemen who play for India take more than 3 wickets a test on an average, some are hovering just above 2. Ashwin’s exceptional talent of grabbing more than 5 wickets in a test match is the best in the world now, unmatched achievements, and match-winning prowess deserve recognition and appreciation, not neglect and ignorance. It is time for the team management to wake up from their pacemen fever and embrace the true gems of Indian cricket—spinners like Ashwin, who enrich the sport with their brilliance. Failure to acknowledge and celebrate his excellence is not only a disservice to Ashwin but also a disgrace to the spirit of cricket. The time for change is now; let us stand up against this bias and demand the rightful place of our spin wizard in Indian cricket history.

rahul dravid unjust act

Rahul Dravid Unjust Act

India’s Cricket Teams and the Role of Rahul Dravid

The Indian cricket team is currently preparing for a challenging test series against England, while a second-string team was sent to Sri Lanka for a white ball series. The decision to send a second-string team to Sri Lanka was influenced by the Covid-19 quarantine restrictions and the importance placed on the series against England. The media has labeled the Indian team in Sri Lanka as a ‘B’ grade team due to the inclusion of several fringe players. However, despite these labels, India managed to win the first two ODI matches of the three-match series against Sri Lanka. The final match of the series provided an opportunity to test players who were selected but not included in the playing eleven, resulting in the team being regarded as a ‘C’ grade team for that match.

Rahul Dravid, the acting coach, has received praise for his successful stint as a batsman and wicket-keeper in challenging circumstances. He has also been recognized for his role as a mentor in shaping the careers of many young players during his tenure as the head of NCA (National Cricket Academy). However, during a rain interruption in a match against Sri Lanka, Dravid’s actions raised some eyebrows. He went to the ground and began offering advice to the Sri Lankan captain Dasun Shanaka, which was seen by some as an overstep of his role as the coach of the Indian team. As a coach, his focus should primarily be on his own team, and his actions were deemed unnecessary interference. Following the rain delay, India struggled and was eventually bowled out for a modest total of 225 runs, allowing Sri Lanka an easier path to victory.

Even with a ‘C’ grade team, India had been scoring well until Dravid’s intervention. Sri Lanka, aiming to gather points for their World Cup qualification, benefited from the situation. Dravid’s actions led to criticism, as it undermined the confidence of the Indian team and potentially affected their chances of being selected for future matches. It is regrettable that such an incident occurred at this stage of Dravid’s otherwise commendable career. It is important for a coach to prioritize their own team’s interests and not go beyond their boundaries. It looked as if Rahul Dravid turned rogue for the first time in his illustrious career. The team has every right to question Dravid for his actions, which let them down as well as the viewers and supporters of the Indian cricket team. It would be appropriate for BCCI President Saurav Ganguly to advise his former colleague to remain within the limits of his role and avoid attempting to be a mentor to all and sundry.