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Dehradun the Best City

Dehradun is known for its hospitable atmosphere, the most aromatic natural Basmati rice, and institutions of national importance having their head offices here, namely, IMA, LBS Academy, ONGC, Survey of India, etc. .

People who have been to Dehradun before do not seem to forget the city for decades, they come back when they are old and try to buy a piece of land and settle with their families here. These has been going on for generations, but with new educational institutions coming up in the outskirts of the city limits, even young families are moving here, thanks to Hill Plots. Dehradun has become a hub of education in India, and is the number one city and capital where there is progress, peace, and also tranquility.

Dehradun Basmati which was way beyond the grasps of the middle class families due to their low cultivation, and high prices are now being made available by Double Good an e-commerce company which sells both the traditional aromatic Dehradun Basmati and also the premium unpolished Indra Dev Basmati. The aroma or fragrance is so naturally high it leaves behind the Punjab basmati way behind.

The city has always attracted the minded, and the intellectuals from world over, it has lived up to its reputation, but with times changing and landscapes giving way to high rise apartments, and infrastructure developments the serenity is getting lost in the main city. The litchi orchards which were the main attraction before have all given way. Hill Plots are promoting and selling their lands only in the outskirts, in the Vikasnagae belt, they are setting the trend for future land developers. Hill Plots have been the most reliable and trustworthy land dealers in Dehradun.

Now with the ongoing char dham yatra taking place, Naro Eco resort which usually is a destination wedding resort, and also a paradise for romantic stays is catering to the pilgrims bound for Yamunotri and Gangotri dhams. Naro Eco Resort and Spa is located on the national highway.  

High quality content has always been the forte of 11Creations which is known as the best content writing company in Dehradun.

events paradise in dehradun

Events Paradise in Dehradun

Naro Eco Resort and Spa is an ideal place for destination weddings to take place in and around Dehradun. The location is such that any destination wedding place will look inferior, add to that Naro Eco Resort is also budget-friendly, not heavy on the wallet. The resort is built in a place from where you can have a naked view of the lower Himalayan mountain range Chakrata hill station, Badhraj temple on one side green, untouched reserved forest on the other, Yamunotri national highway, and a tributary of the Yamuna river flows below the resort. The resort is well maintained and is strictly following covid protocols issued by the state govt. Naro Eco is the best events paradise in Dehradun

The independent cottages and Naro restaurant are all built with bamboo to get the most natural feel in an eco-resort. The Naro restaurant serves north Indian, continental, and Chinese dishes. The experienced chefs who worked in 7-star hotels in the middle east are working here to meet the ever-increasing demands of the functions, marriages, and events conducted at Naro eco. The resort doubles as the best wedding location. Naro Eco Resort and Spa is the best destination wedding location in Dehradun.

The resort also has a professional team of event managers and wedding planners who are always willing to suggest you if you need any help in conducting your big days there. The team has international experience working in the Middle East before in the hospitality industry. If you are looking for a budget location for hosting marriages, events, and parties then there is no better location than Naro Eco Resort and Spa at Chiliyon village, near Parashurama temple, near Vikasnagar, Dehradun.

You can visit their website, call them directly, or WhatsApp them to get a quote basing on your requirements. The best events paradise in Dehradun is located around 40 km from the city limits.